Sonny Bono vs Steve Lawrence

Sonny vs Steve

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 16, 1972

minding my own beeswax, watching TV, and she came in and wanted to know how my day was and I said “I had the day from hell” and she said “Don’t say hell in front of your little sister” and I said “Then don’t ask me how this particular day was” and she starts trying to watch TV with me, which is fine except I know she won’t stay quiet long.

Was I right? Of course. She said “That Cher is taller than her husband” as if she hasn’t been living in the free world and seen Sonny and Cher together before. I let that one go. Then she was quiet for an astounding two minutes or so, then she said “He’s not really that handsome” and I said “Sorry Mom, but I couldn’t find a show to watch with Steve Lawrence and Edie Gourmet.”

That might’ve been a bigger mistake than some of the mistakes I made earlier in the day. She goes to the hi-fi cabinet and digs in that little indent thing and pulls out her Steve and Edie album and holds it up to the TV and asks me who is better looking, Steve Lawrence or Sonny. Instead of giving her an answer I start looking at Edie Gourmet and Cher and thinking they look like they could be from the same family. I doubt it, but maybe I’ll go to the library and look it up in a magazine to see if they are.

Meanwhile, she gets tired of waiting for an answer from me so she puts the record on and plays “This Could Be the Start of Something Big” and dances around in her curlers. Actually I must admit it was pretty funny so I tell her I’m going to get the camera to get a picture of her like this so I can send it to Steve Lawrence. She says “What a splendid idea” and starts taking out her curlers

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