Bagpipe Parade

Bagpipe Parade

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 28th, 2006

so I thought she was doing me a favor. She knows I’m obsessed with Scottish stuff, so first she shows me the Netflix page for a Scottish TV show, “Monarch of the Glen” which I loved btw. When I finished watching all seven seasons, I felt like crying, like, seriously? It’s over? Forever?

As I was moping around the house, she tells me there’s a parade, an hour away, which would normally make me go, “so what?” But she shows me the pamphlet, in the small print of the list, a Scottish band will be marching in it. OK. I guess that’s worth two hours in the car with the family. <sigh>

So, the Scottish band is pretty good, and there are a few younger guys in kilts, so I’m smiley. UNTIL. The moment. I thought I was going to die. My parents start marching with the Scottish band. omg. Kill me please. My mom in her little curly mullet hair wearing a stretch jogging suit and the most embarrassing headband that anyone could ever wear.

When she waved at me, I’m surprised I didn’t just die on the curb. If she had to go identify me at the morgue, well, she’d probably feel bad, but she would deserve it.

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