Worried about Hawaii

Worried about Hawaii

Handwritten page of a diary dated Feb 27, 2010

my sister just came in and told me that Hawaii isn’t going to get the tsunami they were supposed to get today. She was actually worried about Dog the Bounty Hunter because she loves that show, and his wife Beth, and all of them. She talked about Dog all day today, saying how he was tough, but not much he could do to fight giant waves of water.

When she barged in my room, she saw my computer screen with the pictures of the women in white uniforms and said I was too obsessed with WWII. I told her these women were in Hawaii, so I was worried about them the way she was worried about Dog the Bounty Hunter. lol. She said well, if you think about it, they’re all old enough to be your grandmother now, and I said, not if I go back in a time machine and walk by and say, Hello Girls, and she said they are not girls, they are women. Ack.

To get rid of her I just started a game of Call of Duty 2. That works every time.


Original image: http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/images/k05000/k05568c.htm
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