It’s not Xmas any more

Christmas wreath

Handwritten page of a diary dated March 14, 1997

Every day I was coming home from work and pulling my truck into my driveway and there it was on the front wall next door. A Xmas wreath. I first noticed in Feb. that it was still there but when it got to be March first I said come on people.

So that weekend I went to my basemunt and got my Halloween mural and hung it on the side of my own house — the side those neighbors could see not the side that would bother the genral public so much.

Come three or four days and the Xmas wreath is still there and I was thinking if I should take my Halloween thing off or just be stubbarn and leave her out longer but next thing ya know the house on the other side of the Xmas house (I don’t even know that family) had put a big flag up which under it said Happy Independance Day. They did like me just hung it on the side that faced the Xmas house. I thought that was about as funny as it can be. I said, yeah boy we got em surrownded now.

So turns out, later, that Flag house family was outside when I was and I gave them a thumbs up and they gave one back. Them kids kept on playing, except one boy who came over to strike up some convarsation. He was a funny kid. Funny weird and also funny ha ha. Then he said his dad didn’t live over there no more and did I know how to fix a broken window. I said yeah I’d sure as heck fix it if he’d be my apprentise and learn how to do it too and he said ok. So we went over and he interduced me to his Mama. She was


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