Have a seat

Have a seat

Handwritten page of a diary dated Jun 25, 1998

this woman, Jordan, from the office. I thought she’d never go out with me because I’m a little shorter than she is, but I asked her anyway, for lunch on a weekend day, and she said she’d go!!! She said yes!!! I thought maybe she’s just broke and needs a free meal. But I went to pick her up and she was completely all dressed up!!!

So I think, hey, wow, she must consider this a date!!! And she did the nicest thing, she wore these shoes I’ve never seen her wear, and they had these short heels on them, so she’s not towering over me too much.

So I take her out for lunch at a nicer place than I had planned on, since she’s all dolled up, and then I get brave and ask her if she wants to see the houseboat where I live. And she says, yeah sure!!! So I bring her here and she walks around, looking at it like she gives it the Jordan seal of approval, but the damn thing of it was, she just kept her purse on her arm the whole time. I say, you could sit here if you want, and she says no, I’ll just look out on the lake, and then she just keeps walking around. With that purse.

Does that mean she thinks this is a quick tour and then we’re getting right back in the car to take her home? How am I supposed to know? It’s too bad there’s not a way to tell if someone wants to make out with you. Like if their skin turned a different color, so you could just be absolutely sure. You know how people say if you could be a superhero, would you rather fly, or be able to turn invisible? I’d just like to have extrasensory-perception about whether a woman wants me or not. That would save a lot of time.

And we sure wasted a lot of time that day. I sat on the couch, and she walked around with her purse. Until I couldn’t stand it any longer, and I said OK, well, I guess


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