Mullet men

Mullet men

Handwritten page of a diary dated Jan. 26, 2003

half the time I have no idea why he starts certain conversations. Like today, he pulls out this black and white picture of a bunch of guys and asks me what they have in common. I said, ‘bow ties”  He said what else? I said most of them have mullets. He said they all do and I said no, only the guys where you can see their ears, and we had this big argument about the proper hair placement for a mullet.

Then, after we didn’t speak for about 5 minutes, he said, if you had to go on a date with one of them, which one would you pick? I said shut up. He said he wanted to know and I said it’s just going to start an argument and he said it wouldn’t and I said I’ll bet you twenty bucks it will, and he said he’d take that bet.

I said if I can’t know anything else about them or hear them talk first, I’ll take either the third guy from the left in the middle row or the second from the left in the bottom row.

For a while I thought I’d lost the bet, because he was really quiet, but then half an hour later he said neither of the guys I picked looked anything like him at all, and I thought, see, here we go. Sure enough he can’t let it go, and one comment leads to another and pretty soon he says fine, I’ll try to find out who they are and get you their phone numbers. Then he walked out and slammed the door.

Well, it’s time to break up with him … but not till I get my TWENTY BUCKS.


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