1st and 2nd wife

1st and 2nd wife

Handwritten page of a diary dated Dec 2, 2009

emailed me this 1930s picture and said she found it with this title “Emil’s 1st and 2nd wife.”

This is part of the email she wrote: “So these two are like you and Josie — hanging around together and trying to act like it don’t bother you. Has Don taken a picture of you two together as in this picture, all intertwined? ha ha.”

She’s more freaked out about this than I am by a long way. Josie’s not so bad. She left Don of her own choosing, and she went out and tried to have some freedom for four years, but she missed her house. It’s a big house, and it does half belong to her, so what could I say when he told me she was moving back into the upstairs?

And I have to admit, I liked her after the awkwardness went away. She’s funny and she made sure to tell me she has no desire to have Don back in her bed, in this lifetime or the next several. And he holds hands with me right in front of her all the time. And sometimes she tells me to go off with him and she’ll do the dishes herself.

Maybe I’m too trusting, but I wouldn’t even worry if they were in the house without me overnight.

And btw, no, if Don wanted to take a picture of Josie and me in the grass in a pose like that, I bet we’d both just laugh at him.


Original image: http://www.public-domain-photos.com/people/girl-on-board-1.htm
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