Watch that pin, you beatnik

Watch that pin, you beatnik

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 5, 1982

and if you ask me my mom shoulda looked closer at this picture before she married my dad. He has a pin near her bare skin to try to get her flowers on, and he’s not even paying attention! (as usual). Looks to me like he’s craning his neck to get a look at a football game on TV in the next room and I bet he wished he could be just vegging out with some cocktails with my grandfather on the sofa instead of having to go to a dance.

Knowing my mom, she was only worried that her mother would come in and think Dad was trying to get a grope. She shoulda been more worried that she was about to become an indentured servant for the laziest man in the U.S. of A.

The only thing I give him credit for is he had a goatee, which was gutsy back then since it mighta made adults think he was trying to be a beatnik. I heard that my grandmother told my mom she hoped dad wasn’t a “hood” and my mom told her not to worry, which in a way was true, because my dad was too lazy to get any plans together to get in any big trouble.

My mom just looks like a regular girl there so it’s a good thing she was before her time and wanted to go to law school like most girls didn’t back then. Otherwise we mighta ended up living in a cardboard washing machine box, since my dad never had a plan in his life.

Oh well, at least he learned how to cook a little so we didn’t have to eat pizza from a box every night. If you let him drink beer in the afternoon, he can make a decent dinner. Just don’t expect him to do the dishes afterwards. My mom says she doesn’t mind doing it, but I help her because I think he’s taking advantage of her good nature. Don’t ask me why she still likes him.


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