How to choose a husband

How to choose a husband

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 21, 1983

even though I knew she’d laugh. But she was leaving for college and all of a sudden I felt like I hadn’t shared anything useful with her. About life.

I said “look carefully at this picture. It was taken when we decorated the car for your Uncle Dan’s wedding.”

She laughed even harder than I expected she would. I asked her if she knew which one was her dad, because she’s only seen him three times, and none of them were all too recent. But she pointed at him and she was right. So I asked if she knew why, with all these really good guys around me all the time, why I chose him.

She said, “Because he was the only one who was taller than your hair?” And then I let her laugh it out again.

I tried to explain to her that at the time, he seemed like the coolest one and she said “Well, yeah, with a bunch of guys wearing those dorky hats, I guess it didn’t take much to be the coolest.”

I said “and you know which one is the one who is more like a dad to you?” but she couldn’t believe that was Walter in the green hat, and she said he should’ve kept those cool Elvis Costello glasses instead of getting the ones he has now.

I started telling her you can date all the bad boys you want as long as you don’t get pregnant, but when it comes to choosing a husband, now that’s a whole different story and I told her she could benefit from understanding my mistake. She looked at the picture for a long time and then handed it back and I asked her if she’d learned anything.

She said, “Yeah. Don’t ever go near a person with a camera if you have weird hair or a dumb hat.”


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