Downtown 1955

Downtown 1955

Handwritten page of a diary dated September 24, 1977

at the funeral they had this picture of her which if I hadn’t been sobbing I might have not liked so much because I look quite ugly with my little tight pin curls. But she looks good as usual except for her being so paranoid, holding on to her purse as if someone will snatch it which I guess was a possibility back then, well anytime really in a big city which makes me glad I don’t live in one any more. But I see how she was putting her hand on my arm because she sees a sailor coming in our direction. What did she think he was gonna do in that group of pretty women, get his eye on the one awkward adolescent girl and make a grab for me? I should’ve been so lucky (kidding).

I like the white car on the right side of this picture, if I had that thing now and got Willie to get it running smooth, I could sell it for big money.

I gotta give her credit though, she took me downtown when I got my heart set on something like a Chuck Berry 45 or my Annie Oakley board game or my genuine alligator purse. Hey, there was a jumprope poem about an alligator purse — call for the doctor call for the nurse call for the lady with the alligator purse. I wonder where my jump rope is. I could use some exercise. I look better than I thought I would at my age but not as good as she did on her worst day.


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