Salvation Army lamp

Salvation Army lamp

Handwritten page of a diary dated February 27, 2000

because I’d finally put my feet up after a long day of moving my stuff (not that much) and Benny’s stuff (scads). But the one thing neither of us owned was a lamp and I didn’t think it’d be so urgent but the new place didn’t have any overhead lights which I failed to notice until the sun started to go down. I had spent most of my money on the u-haul and Benny had no money of course because he has to spend it the minute it crosses his hand, so I sent him with my last four dollars because I’d seen a Salvation Army store about two blocks from here. I told him to get the least ugly lamp they had.

He came back all pleased with himself because with four dollars he bought a lamp AND a small book with pictures of Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. The lamp was a putrid color and not only that, but I had to bite my tongue to not tell him he bought a useless book with what might be the last dollar we have for about a week. Lucky for him, the lamp had a bulb in it so we could see what we were doing for the next six nights and it was on one of those nights that I couldn’t sleep and I got up and wandered around and ended up looking at the Russian cathedral book. I was stunned because on the wall there, they have this astounding painted pattern on a blue background that’s close enough to the color of the lamp! And one thing I do have is paint, so the rest of the night I took out my smallest brush and tried to copy the pattern from that Russian wall onto the lamp.

Benny got up the next morning and told me that was the best painting I ever did and maybe we could sell that lamp to a shop, and then he could take a few dollars of the profit and go buy another cheap lamp for me to work on and if I could stay up all night once every week and do something this awesome, then in about six months we could buy a bigger TV


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