Red red wine make me feel so fine

Steak barbecueing

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 25, 1989

shocking that Mom splurged and bought a huge steak for everyone to have their own. She did because it was the first barbecue of the season, and the first time it was warm enough to eat on the patio. That meat smelled so good, and it musta gone up in Andy’s window, because he even came down from his room to eat with us.

He brought his radio down and there was a song Red Red Wine, and we were all singing “Red red wine make me feel so fine feel so fine all of the time” and even mom and grandpa were singing with us. And Dianne too. And they probably never heard that song before and they probably never had any wine in their life. I kind of was sorry when mom got cold and went inside, but everybody still stayed together by following her in to the kitchen, which was a surprising thing since we usually never hang with mom after supper.

Grandpa brought the Vienetta ice cream with the zillion crispy chocolate layers between. I love that commercial where they eat it in a goblet at a dinner party, so I got out our juice goblets and we ate ours that way too and Andy said with a English accent “one slice is never enough.” Just like on TV.

I usually don’t go for this kind of mushy family togetherness, but it was pretty good, even besides the good food.


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