Flaming birthday cake

Flaming birthday cake

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 30, 1985

the day I knew Grandpa Bill was on his last leg. It was about ten years ago. I pulled this great flaming birthday cake trick and he didn’t even laugh. He’s the one who taught me how to prank people in the first place, and when he was younger he would’ve laughed all night and into the next day about this. But he just looked at the cake like it was an everyday normal occurrence for a cake to erupt into fireballs.

I don’t think this was mean. He had a very strict standard that nobody had to be hurt or embarrassed by a stunt and no property could be ruined. I mean this cake was fine after the fire. I told the bakery to put extra frosting on the top so we’d have one layer to scrape off and we all ate it and survived you know.

The very first time I went with him I thought he was the most awesome man who ever lived. He bought about three big bags of suckers at the store, those ones that had a loop for a handle and he bought a roll of scotch tape. Then he made me get up really early the next morning and we went all around our neighborhood taping suckers to peoples mailboxes and trees and then we went to the park and taped them on the slide and the jungle jim.

Then when Aunt Patricia was on her honeymoon, I helped him with another good one he thought up. She had all her wedding gifts in the spare room to open after their trip to Cancun. So we measured each box and found empty boxes about the same size in the attic. We unwrapped the gifts carefully so we wouldn’t damage the wrapping paper and bows and we made a list of what gifts went with what cards. Then we went to the Salvation Army store and bought the ugliest most broken old stuff we could find and took it home, put it in those boxes and wrapped it with the nice paper and bows. The hardest part was he told me I couldn’t laugh right away when she started opening the presents, and I had to leave the room a couple times so I wouldn’t give it away too soon.

That was a good one. Being his assistant was super super fun. I still pull something off every once in a while in his honor. But not with cakes.


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