Coolest square dancing

The cooler square dancing

Handwritten page of a diary dated March 1, 2002

ever since Vince Vaughn was talking to David Letterman last fall. Vince said this was something his dad used to say to him: “I square-danced twice in towns you ain’t even heard of.” I thought that was so funny. That’s the kind of old person I want to be. I wonder if I should learn to square-dance now so I’ll be ready.

I was walking around our house a lot saying “I square-danced twice in towns you ain’t even heard of”. Even when it didn’t even relate to any particular conversation that was going on. Probably in an effort to shut me up, Aunt Mary Jo she said she knew this lady down the street who used to be a square dancer and did I want to meet her? I said sure I do. I’ll meet anybody once. So she took me to see this lady named Ruby (I’d seen her before but didn’t know her name).

I got a little bored waiting for Ruby to dig around looking for her old pictures but it was worth it. I thought in the picture she’d wear one of those ruffly lace skirts and I’d have to try not to laugh at her. But her kind of square dancing was much cooler because they wore their regular clothes and had decent looking guys to dance with.

I can’t even look at Ruby the same way now. She was actually cool in the 1940s. You’d never know it if you just saw her sitting on her porch.


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