Mystery umbrella man

Mystery umbrella man

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 3, 1973

love Wales so much, I wish I could stay here — and I wished that even before I “met” the guy behind the umbrella. The truth is I’ve met him only by his voice — which is nice. He has a Welsh accent, like Tom Jones.

I was wandering around the village and enjoying a little freedom from the family for a change and I guess he saw me first. He said he did. Then he got on the other side of the wall and got it arranged so I couldn’t see much of him — but he looks goooood (as much as I can tell from seeing him only from the knees down).

While he told me a story about his town in Wales, I started wondering if his trousers had big pouches on the side or whether I was seeing the bottom of his coat.

I told him I’m pretty strong and I could tackle him if I wanted to see his face but he laughed and said he wasn’t worried. I really thought about doing it — but then I thought maybe those aren’t pouches on the side of his trousers — maybe that’s his trousers hanging there because they’re undone — eew — and if he’s a pervert who is exposing himself behind there, I wouldn’t exactly want to tackle him and fall on top of him.

After about a half hour, I liked him and knew he wasn’t a flasher. I sat on the ground but he was still standing up. I asked him if his arms were tired from staying in one position. I said I could stay here for as long as it took until he showed himself but he laughed and said he could wait it out. And he was right. I had to go to the loo — HAD TO. He said if I meet him later for dinner he would show me his face so now I’m sitting here deciding whether I will. I want to. I wandered by the cafe where he wants me to meet him and I love it. I took a shower and put on a clean dress. I only have another 45 minutes to decide whether to go.


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