The Waltons would like my dress better than hers

New York wedding dress

Handwritten page of a diary dated January 7, 2009

and I said I think you’d like this wedding better if you could take a time-machine-ride back to the Waltons and get me a dress by mail order through Ike Godzee’s store. Then she said she was surprised I knew Ike Godzee’s name and if I watched so many of her taped episodes of the Waltons then I should understand that the wedding gown I want is “riskay” because it has a corset top and it looks like lingerie. Then I said you think that’s bad you should see this picture someone sent to my email the other day. So I showed her the picture of the blond girl — her wedding dress barely has a top section at all.

She looked at it with her jaw open as far as it would go. For a long time. Then she said that photo isn’t real — someone must have photoshopped that picture.

She watches on TV a show called “Say Yes to the Dress” and she said Kleinfeld’s wouldn’t sell a dress like that. Then I said yeah, if someone wanted that altered like that and would pay for it to be done, of course they would. Then she said, no, they’re more tasteful than that. Then I said, sorry Mom, but money talks. Then she said money can’t buy taste.

She came back in later, said, Show me again that wedding dress you want, so I brought it up on the computer, but I made sure to have the almost topless bride picture open right next to it, so mine would look all Waltony in comparison. And I think it worked too, because she said maybe we could go to the shop and let me try it on.


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