Magic shirt

Handwritten page of a diary October 11, 1987

no one believes it when I say it. But if there’s no such thing as a magic shirt then why has something good happened every single time I’ve worn this one?

Just a few of the best:

1. Very first time I wore it, I met June
2. Found my favorite sunglasses that I thought were lost forever
3. Got a call from Marlon and got to visit him for the only time in the last five years
4. Had a chance to get drunk without anyone knowing it and I didn’t (Yay me!)
5. Found a new favorite movie — “Ferris Bueller”
5. Wendell told me he was taking me downtown to see the three most talented strippers EVER, and he was so right
6. Five days later June forgave me for letting Wendell talk me into seeing strippers


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