Frown, and the chocolate cake goes away

frown and the chocolate cake goes

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 12, 1989

How much chocolaty-er could the cake have been?

I give it to Saschi and she says “There’s white frosting on it. I wanted a CHOCOLATE cake.”

Little did she know it was the last straw. Even I didn’t know that I was that tired of her whining, but it’s not surprising. I spent the entire day elbow-deep in a dark chocolate world, and then she frowned when I brought it out. Without flinching, I picked up the cake and put the cover back on it. I turned to where her friends and family were standing and I said — ‘In 15 minutes I will be having a cake party at my house and everyone here, except Saschi, is invited. Bye for now.’ And I just marched out the door.

Wow, when did I get so assertive? I wasn’t even angry or shaky or anything. I just drove back to my house and set out some plates and napkins in case a few people stopped by later.

Ha ha, didn’t take long. Half hour later almost every person who’d seen the cake was around my dining room table helping me finish it off. We had a great time and a few people offered to buy the same cake from me for their birthdays.

Saschi will call sooner or later, but will I ever bake for her again? Not even if she crawls to me on her hands and knees and grovels (though I would like to get that on the camcorder)


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