Doc Martens for my honey

Doc Martens for my honey

Handwritten page of a diary dated March 30, 2010

it was stupid of her to ask that. seriously. why would I be engaged to her if I wasn’t crazy about her?

later — after she’s not pouting any more — she says ‘I know what you can get me! it’s the 50th anniversary of Doc Martens boots. I’ve never had any real ones’

I wanted to get her something romantic. like a necklace or — I don’t know, something she would show our children some day. but yeah, she wants some combat boots. great

dad said to get her a vacuum cleaner for our new apartment. yeah, even I’m not that stupid. ron said just get her flowers. also not helpful

aunt darlene said the secret to a happy marriage is to make your wife as happy as possible and she said I might as well start getting used to it now. and then she found these Doc Martens online with purple flowers on them. I thought it was worth a try since yeah, I kind of want my future wife to look like a female.

and she loves them. and yeah it was a good night for both of us, so ok, even though aunt darlene isn’t married any more, I think she’s my go-to person for advice now


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