Ghost wants its stuff back

Ghostly hand on drawer

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 30, 1970

but they never want to talk about why the drawr opens and closes when no one isn’t even near.

Kurt says it has to be some kind of rodent but if you stick in a flashlight right after that drawr opens you don’t see nothing. Even below it. And you would hear mice if it was them.

We bought this in a secondhand shop after all so maybe the previous owner had something super super important in there and wants it back even though there dead now. That’s so heavy man. But what else could it be?

I asked them didn’t they have something that they’d want to come back from their death and get? Aunt Bobbi said she’d come back for her BBbats suckers because it’s hard to find the pink ones and she would want her stash there in Heaven without having to eat the browns and the yellows. Aunt Minnie said she’d want her diamond ring back she got from her first husband because she hopes he’s planning on greeting her with an embrase at the perly gates. Mom said she’d want to get her choclat pillow pie recipe because she doesn’t want to tell us it too soon before she dies but she will want us to be able to feed it to our kids somday. Kurt said he has a secret invention drawed out on graph paper but he can’t show anyone yet because he doesn’t have a patton but he says it will change the world and he doesn’t want to denie the world just because he croaked too soon.


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