Paris didn’t start this fad

Paris didn't start this fad

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 30, 2004

Janie’s been watching too much TV. Wonder where she gets that from. HA HA.

I have to admit I watch the Paris and Nicole show with her sometimes and I was watching the night Paris admitted she had never heard of Wal-Mart. Too funny. Hey Paris I’ll give you a guided tour of Wal-Mart because unfortunately I know it all too well.

So now Janie wants a dog small enough so she can carry it around in her purse like Paris does. Mom was over here and heard Janie say about the little dog she wants and Mom said, Paris Hilton did not invent carrying a spoiled little dog around all the time. She said, Janie your grandma has a photo of her friend who was an actress in the 1920s and she carried her little dog around wherever she went.

Today Mom came back over and brought the picture, and told Janie she’d get her a little dog if she’d wear a swami hat like the one in the picture. HA HA.


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