Mystery girl at the Roman Baths

Mystery girl at the Roman Baths

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 18, 2003

Ian talked me into going to the Roman baths.

We first get there and we look down and there’s this mysterious girl who looks like she belongs in the past, and I mean as far back as when the place was first built. I took a quick picture of her and I then wanted to go down there and see if we could get a conversation started.

Of course with my bad luck, by the time we went to where she had been, she wasn’t there. I dragged Ian around for a long time looking for her, but she had absolutely vanished.

Back home I couldn’t wait to download the picture. First thing Ian said was “mate, she has a deformed left hand.” I inspected it, then showed him that DEFORMED part he pointed at wasn’t her hand — it was a crack in the plaster under her real hand, which was perfect btw.

Then he said it looked like she was talking on her mobile phone, but I don’t think so. I looked at it (a lot) and I think she was just curling her fingers up and resting her face on her hand. I tried to zoom in, but it’s still hard to tell. But I’m pretty sure I could find her if I went back there in a time machine.


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