Avocado dressing on shrimp

Avocado dressing on shrimp

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 3, 2000

and I thought my sister was supposed to be the big Martha Stewart in this family, so I had to laugh when she called me in a panic. She had a pot of cooked shrimp that she was going to put into a fancy salad to serve to this snooty club she wants to join — but her toilet exploded three hours before the guests arrived.

Excellent, she’ll owe me big after this!!!!

She said she had nice lettuce, so I ran to the store and got buttermilk, cream cheese, garlic and a big bag of avocados. I got to her house and she was with a plumber and she was mopping up something I couldn’t look at for too long.

I went to her kitchen and made the best avocado dressing in the history of salad-dom.

She took a shower and came to the kitchen, well of course she had to rearrange a few shrimps and hard-boiled egg chunks I’d put on top of the lettuce, just to show me she was in control. Then she tasted my avocado dressing and she actually … surprisingly … shockingly! admitted it was pretty great.

The doorbell rang, and she looked at me with that look, and I knew she wanted me to vamoose. Whatever. I went out the side door … AFTER I told her I’d be thinking about what I want for payback.


Original image: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pandalus_borealis.jpg
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