Handwritten page of a diary dated February 26, 2008

not a good idea for boys my age to have a camera on them at all times.

I perv-cammed about four girls since I got my phone for xmas. I feel guilty and decide I won’t do it any more, then I do anyway.

Would I like it if there was a way for a girl to perv-cam me? Well, yeah, that’s not a good comparison because I’d show any girl whatever she wanted — see, I’m a degenerate. Maybe I have a degenerative disease (no, I think that means something different)

I also like girls who don’t look this good. That girl l I met at summer school, I wouldn’t perv-cam her, but I miss talking to her, and I wish I’d gotten her phone number. When she hugged me the last day, I hugged her back and she smelled good. She said she was getting a job at the new car wash place that just opened, so maybe my mom’s car will have to “accidentally” get dirty pretty soon


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