Aerosport from the 1930s

Aerosport from the 1930s

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 8, 2002

and i don’t even like cars from the 1950s, but my dad sure does, so he drug me to another show.

there was a 1952 red roadster that everyone was taking pictures of and drooling over, but i was mostly hanging out by the black and white car next to it — much cooler imho.

an old man walked up to me and i thought he was some kind of depraved teen-stalker, but i didn’t run since there was a crowd around the red car. what could he do?

he said if i liked this car, then i must be more of a 30s and 40s cars kind of girl. I said, yeah, maybe. he said that red one had too many square angles for his taste, and he liked the black and white one better too. so I listened to him. he took out some paper and wrote down these two cars he thought i’d love. later i looked at his old-geezer-writing on the piece of paper — Aerosport Letourneur (1938) and C27 Aerosport (1934). i googled them and i must admit, old guy was right. he picked some hot hot cars. maybe he was my boyfriend in a previous life and I drove him around in my aerosport.


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