Petticoat on a mannequin

Petticoat on a naked mannequin

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 15, 1979

and I might still be dating him if it weren’t for the mannequin incident. I mean he looks really good for a guy in his 60s and so far it seems like he probably hasn’t lost his skill in the passion department. Plus. OK. I must admit it’s nice to be with someone who takes me to really expensive restaurants and always shows up for a date with a gift.

We were at his house and he said I could change in the guest room and I said OK. Change into what? I thought maybe he bought me another new dress — but when I got up there I see a mannequin wearing just a lacy half slip.

OK. If this turns him on. OK. I put it on and I assume he wants me to wear just that so OK. I’m game. I put it on and he knocks on the door and when he comes in I’m standing there wearing just that.

He blushes like crazy. I said, OK, what? He just sat in the gold chair. I said I thought this is what you wanted — come on I look good, don’t I?

I mean I think all his old friends would think he’s pretty lucky just to see me dressed like this, but he still doesn’t say a word so I think OK, maybe he’s just shy, so I do some poses for him, and he blushes more and won’t talk.

Eventually I just got dressed and put the frilly slip back where I found it and left feeling really dirty, but I don’t know why. What was I supposed to think? And after all, he’s the one who owns a mannequin.


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