Born because of a broken tooth

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 22, 1989

my mom’s boss was a cranky dentist. They had this trailer and she had to go with him around to towns without a regular dentist. My dad was hiking through Germany but he fell and broke his tooth — ON THE ALPS, he always says.

The dentist gave my dad some painkillers. Strong. And my mom spoke a little English, and she told my dad she’d go check on him later, so my dad told her where his tent was.

After he came back to Montana, she wrote him a letter every single day, even though my uncle J.D. says he was still dating every girl he could get his hands on.

And by the time she came to visit him in Montana, she was bringing a baby, which was ME. And he liked me, even though now that I think of it, I must’ve been conceived while he was all hopped up on prescription drugs, so maybe that’s why I am the way I am


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