So easily distracted

Handwritten page of a diary dated September 21, 2008

my brother asks me why I can never get anything done. Well here’s an example — I was on my way to get my driver’s license renewed when I stopped to take a picture of a tied-up dog with a cone around its neck and then this girl comes by and pets the dog and she looks like David Duchovny’s daughter on the show “Californication” and I think, well I doubt if it’s her, but what’s that girl’s name on the show anyway? Oh yeah, Becca. Then I see Jackie in the coffee shop and I get on her laptop to look up that actress’ real name so I can go back and ask her if she’s her. But then while Jackie is sitting there impatiently wanting her computer back, I get distracted reading about Californication and I read that Natascha Mcelhone, who plays Karen, the one with big beautiful eyes, was in The Truman Show and I try to think which one she was, oh yeah, the one Jim Carrey likes better, but she seems prettier on Californication. I’m about to give Jackie’s laptop back when I realize I still didn’t get the name of the actress who might still be petting the dog out on the street. But then I look back at the Natascha Mcelhone page and see that her husband just died. Oh no. He was a plastic surgeon and he just dropped dead on the way into their house in England. And she’s pregnant with their third child. Giant bummer. I don’t even care about going to talk to Becca now. Oh no, one of the newly fatherless children is named Otis. What a cool name for a kid. Even though it’s the name of the guy on the Andy Griffith show who was always putting himself in jail when he got drunk


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