A man who bakes

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 4, 1992

when I agreed to have a male roommate, I didn’t expect that he’d be more girly than me.

The first thing he did was send me a Thank You card for choosing him to move into my spare room — and it was a card smothered with teddy bears and flowers. As jokingly as I could, I said ha ha, this is pretty girly, you’re gay right? And he said MOST DEFINITELY NOT. I said, oh I know, just kidding.

Then he was talking to me while standing in his doorway and I saw that he had yellow flowered curtains and sheets. He noticed that I’d noticed, and he said his mom had come over to decorate.

Later in the kitchen he offered me some banana bread with pecans and I asked him if his mom made that, and he said no he made it. Wow. I think this might work out after all.


Original image: http://media.photobucket.com/image/clipart/tcsears/Clipart/tyteaparty.gif?o=751
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