Slackers love pinball

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 22, 1995

yeah,  I played a few games of Centipede in my time. I won’t lie. But it was a fad and I left it behind. Super Nintendo blah blah blah. You can’t tell me that video game stuff will ever replace real pinball. Funhouse? That’s a real game. Rudy the clown taunts you and you get to rocket a metal ball into his throat. THAT is satisfying.

You know who I should be friends with? Troy and Vickie in the movie “Reality Bites.” They would GET me. I bet they’d like Funhouse. If the three of us slackers lived in an apartment together … wow. I would say, oh, you guys like Addams Family pinball? Yeah, me too. Seriously. I always like to get THE POOOWWWWER.

But also, might I recommend Funhouse?


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