Separated at birth

Handwritten page of a diary dated January 13, 2008

… he knows I am very interested in twins, so he showed me this picture of what twins look like in their mother’s stomach. It’s nice that he will talk to me about it, since my very own mother said I may no longer talk about the subject and she said ‘Ever since right around the time you turned 15 years old, you haven’t stopped talking about twins and I don’t know why and I’m afraid you are too obsessed with it.’

All I did was ask my mom if I had a twin out there somewhere that she gave away. And I guess a few other questions too. Maybe a lot of questions. But I think I had a dream or something a while back about having a twin even though I can’t remember all the details and now I think about it all the time.

But then today I told her something very urgent had happened and I showed her the story online about those twins in England who met each other and got married and didn’t know till later they were actually twins. I said to her I’m about ready to go in the dating world soon and if you did have another baby when you had me then you really need to tell me or this same thing could happen to me …


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