Ham with a crispy coat

Handwritten page of a diary dated March 14, 1983

splurged and got the best ham I could possibly find and it exceeded my wildest expectations.

I baked it my usual way and I made homemade rolls with yeast and I squeezed some orange juice and I sat down to eat and for about 15 minutes it was pure pure heaven. UNTIL the doorbell rang.

So my ex-brother-in-law walks in with his wife, and I feel like I have to offer them some food. I actually like him. She on the other hand is a creeped-out-scary Martha Stewart type and while he’s eating and already telling me how good it is, she says no thanks she doesn’t like burnt things. She didn’t bargain for my new attitude — which allowed me to say “well this is how I like it best so hey all the more for me.” He laughed but she gave us both a dirty look — back and forth, then she went out and sat in the car and he stayed till he was full. I told him he could come back any time but next time he should leave her in the car.


Original image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dippy_duck/4583167857
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