Couch in the laundromat

Handwritten page of a diary dated March 19, 1979

not exactly how I expected my life to go but naturally I had to choose the interesting life instead of the safe easy life with the big paycheck. The only time I rethink that is when I’m carrying a load of dirty clothes so tall that I can’t see in front of me. Laundromats. One of the only places where I was having trouble staying optimistic.

But now I found a laundromat that speaks to me. The couch there is worth the trip. Never seen anything like it. Not that it’s so comfortable. Normally I would choose comfort over looks, but not with this couch.

Any time I’m there alone I take off my shoes and pick one of the colors and try to walk from one end to the other by only walking on that color.

If I ever do get rich I’ll build a circular room and get the laundromat owner to sell me that couch.


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