Gun belt with jockey shorts

Handwritten page of a diary dated September 8, 1961

… just two pals out in the middle of nowhere ready to shoot some cans and other junk we bought for cheap at flea markets. Henry’s been looking forward to this for so long on account of he found his grandpa’s old gunslinger belt and he borrowed someone’s gun that will fit in there.

We get out there and shot up all our stuff and then we got bored and started daring each other to do certain deeds. Easy at first, but then he got me to lick the sand off a big rock and I did it so I told him to walk barefoot over a bed of sharp stones. He was like a cowardly girl about his tender little feet. Then I said if he wouldn’t do it, he had to pose for the camera without his pants. The imbecile did it. I guess he didn’t count on the fact that I could make a lot of extra prints from that picture.


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