Can we take home the guy in the kilt?

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 16, 2010

… she’s only 11, but she’s absolutely fixated on getting me a boyfriend. I tell her I already have a boyfriend and she says he’s too MEEK. I’ll give her this, she does have a great vocabulary.

We went to the Scottish fair in Elkton and we’re walking around and she says come this way, and I see why she wants to go down there. A guy she wants me to bring home. I know her type.

I say no. She says he’s RUGGED and if someone broke into our house, we’d be safer. I say if he’s so rugged why has he gone to a salon to get highlights in his hair? She gets closer and starts asking him questions. Stupid stuff like what kind of things would be kept in his pouch. They have a long conversation about it and he eventually opens the pouch and pulls out his business card and hands it to me and she actually hopped in the air before she caught herself and went back to acting nonchalant.

Later I told her you know if I call him and he comes over, he’s not going to be wearing that Scottish outfit because there’s no way he wears that all the time, and she says, “he might.”


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