German tea party 1952

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 26, 1977

Mom doesn’t have many photos of her as a kid in Germany, but her grandmother in Alpirsbach sent her one today.

She made me guess which one was her and I got it right. She’s the blond girl with her hand in the middle of the table, probably spreading extra butter on her piece of the giant bread because if we’ve heard once, we’ve heard 40 billion trillion times that butter tasted better in Germany. But I didn’t say that’s how I knew.

I told her it looks like a weird thing to serve, three small tomatoes and some coffee. She said it was plums and I said, oh then that makes it so much more of a thrill. She said it was a nice tea party and I said then why do most of the girls look horrified that they have to sit down and try to be polite about plums and bread. Except the blond girl behind you, who looks like she thinks that modeling talent scouts will see the photo and make her famous.

Then she said “You know you’re right. I’ve never noticed all of that before. You are very observant.”


Original image:,_Alpirsbach,_Waisenhaus.jpg
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