Purple Haze

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 20, 1968

she said ‘It’s not THAT purple.’ I said ‘You must be kidding. I’ve never seen it purple like that.’

And there we were arguing about how purple the sky was. And I was tired of arguing so I started singing that Jimi Hendrix song from which I bought the 45 last summer.

‘Purple haze all in my brain …’

She said ‘Quiet down, you’re embarrassing me.’

‘Am I happy or in misery?’

Then she put her hands over her ears and closed her eyes and I think she thought that would make me disappear. Or make her disappear.

‘Whatever it is… that girl… put a spell on me.’

But then this guy near us stood up on his picnic bench and started playing an imaginary guitar for me and making guitar sounds between his lips. And his girlfriend looked disgusted and went over and sat by my girlfriend.

‘Actin’ funny… but I don’t know why…’

And then about three other people in the park — including this one old chick — sang the last part with me:

‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky.’


Original image: http://palousephotography.org/image.php?page=1&gallery_id=51&image_id=590
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