Bee sting at the drive-in

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 21, 1993

and now that it’s closed I wish they’d just tear it down. Too many memories.

Sometimes I drive past it and remember being a kid and riding the carousel or the train ride before the movie started. I was dressed in pajamas in case I fell asleep during the movie, but it didn’t matter because most of the other kids were too.

Or I’ll think of later, going there and making out with Rob. Or Jay.

A lot of times I think about the very last time I was there. I was just with Haley, and we were on a blanket on the hood of the car and a bee bit her in the stomach and she wanted to go home but I wouldn’t take her because I wanted to see the movie. I remember that. I was determined to see how that movie ended, even though right now, I can’t even remember what movie it was but I remember the look on her face.

And then a month later I was driving from home back to college and a bee got in the car and bit me on the foot and I didn’t stop driving. I just figured since I didn’t take Haley home from the Drive-in then I was going to keep driving through my own pain. I was wearing these sandals with three straps on them and by the time I got to the dorm my foot had swollen up everywhere except where the straps were and I looked like a mutant. Of course word got around so even after I managed to fall asleep, everyone in the whole dorm kept waking me up wanting to get a look at it. The next day I limped to the pay phone and called Haley to tell her I was sorry about not taking her home that night


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