The cat who vexes me

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 18, 1993

I don’t know, about a week ago maybe. I open the windowshade and there it is, just staring straight at me. Then I close the shade and take a shower and go to do the dishes and there it is again staring at me in the kitchen window.

It’s beautiful, but the look it gives me is super especially creepy man. I saw that movie a few years ago — ‘Pet Semetary’ and cats give me the willies now.

Happens every day now. I wondered if the cat would appear when Jenny was over and it did.

Jenny said that looks like Toonces the Cat on Saturday Night Live. I said Toonces didn’t have any brown on him, he was all black and white and gray. She said oh yeah I think you’re right man. Besides this cat isn’t even a little bit funny.

I’m pretty sure it won’t give up till I’m in the cuckoo’s nest with Jack Nicholson and Louise Fletcher and Danny DeVito


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