Jello that will never be eaten

Handwritten page of a diary dated December 2, 2005

He was kind of disappointed that more people didn’t laugh about his stapler-in-the-jello prank. (I think it’s because they did this on some TV show once so most people already saw it) (Besides Ackley had to leave the room because he felt like retching) (Ackley’s mom used to make green jello with canned grapefruit and serve it with cottage cheese) (can’t blame him, that’s not something I’d exactly eat myself) (but I have heard of more disgusting things) (in fact I was telling Marty and Keith I think I read somewhere that people in Estonia boil pigs’ feet and then add pork and spices and then let it sit) (I said Pork jello, uh, no thanks) (Marty says it’s not jello, it’s ASPIC) (he said he knows because his mother-in-law makes it) (Marty has a smokin’ hot wife, but there’s always a catch, like the aspic you have to eat at the in-laws’ dinner table).


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