Cupcakes, yes, nice try

Handwritten page of a diary dated February 26, 1983

fight to the finish because $75 is a more hefty sum than either of us can afford to lose. Anyway I didn’t think he would resort to this suspect behavior just to win the weight loss bet:  I came in the office today to see four intricately decorated chocolate cupcakes on my desk and there was even a tablecloth under the plate. Norman said he heard that Kent coerced his wife into staying up late making them. I feel sorry for her because she’s on a diet too, and she couldn’t have been any too joyous about getting pulled into this.

When I first sat down Kent was trying to be clandestine, but I could see he was watching me so I picked up one of the cupcakes and unwrapped it. I acted like I was going to eat it, but then I just stuck my tongue on it and put a comical expression on my face and then put it back down. Oh Kent, nice attempt you sorry fool.


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