Doesn’t look hypo-allergenic to me

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 28, 1997

this guy mailed me some pictures of the rooms in his mom’s house and I saw a roll of pink toilet paper in the bathroom and I thought it looked super bizarro. My sister said, yeah, we used to have red toilet paper in our bathroom in Tucson when we were growing up.

But I don’t remember toilet paper being any color but white.

She said hey we can look it up by surfing the worldwide web (because she likes to show off that she has a computer at her house). Somebody had started a discussion thread: ‘Why is all toilet paper white now?’ And someone else replied: ‘I still get green to go with my bathroom. Other colours are available.’

Then she said whoever wrote this must live in England or Australia because they spelled colors with a U in it.


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