Yes your bra looks delicious, but …

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 15, 1993

I can’t force myself to fall for her. I wish I could, because she lives right next door and she’s nice and she’s not bad looking. BUT I just don’t feel it.

Today I was raking and she came over wearing a top that looked like it was from a bikini. I was trying not to stare because women hate it if you stare at their chests, right? But I did glance. And I could see that her top was made of candy!!!!!!!

She caught me looking and she put her hands on the candy and said – “looks good enough to eat, don’t you think?”

So I’m pretty sure she likes me and I wouldn’t’ve minded eating all that candy right off her, but then, if I took her in the house for an hour or two, I’d want to not see her again for a while, which isn’t really possible since she lives right next door. I just laughed and said, yes, it looks delicious — but then I said if she was cold I’d give her my sweater. She looked surprised. And she said something that really surprised me


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