Friends don’t let friends bounce up and down

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 29, 1988

then he said there aren’t ever enough women at their parties so he wants me to get some of my girlfriends to come over sometimes.

I said his friends drink too much and talk about their precious Macintosh II or their Compaq Portable III with 36 megahertz.

He said not all of them drink.

I said name one who doesn’t.

He said well, I think, uh …

I said last time I was over, crap was all over the backyard AND I was the only female AND some drunk guy was jumping on a pogo stick.

He said that pogo stick is fun (which I must admit is true because I tried it myself) but then he told me pogo sticks were first real popular in the 1920 and he told me who patented them and about 2 thousand other facts about pogo sticks before he admitted that Maxie fell off the stick that night and had to have eight stitches in his head.


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