Hey Mom where’s your pimp?

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 19, 1995

after I found the picture of my mom and her best friend Mary.

Later I was at the lunch table and I said ‘Mom I didn’t know you used to be a hooker when you lived in Philadelphia.’

She said — which I knew she would say — exCUSE me? She always says that when she’s annoyed with me.

I went to get the picture and brought it to her. She said ‘We were dressed up to go to a party and we were waiting for your uncle to give us a ride. That is not hooker clothing … Which of us do you think looks like a hooker?’

I said ‘Well, I think you both do’ and of all the answers I coulda said I guess that one was not the best. She made me go to the library with her to look at old magazines from the seventies. I coulda thought up about 17 thousand things better to do with my afternoon. At least.

But she feels better now because she proved she wasn’t (necessarily) a hooker just because she was dressed in those clothes.


Original image: http://www.squareamerica.com/search/?tag=fashion
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