Lenny was layin’ low

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 12, 1996

so I guess it’s the first picture that was ever taken of us together and I didn’t even know it till recently.

Jake took the picture. He was my boyfriend at the time. Blonde Eddie looks like he was whispering, probably saying “psst, don’t marry Jake or you’ll be real real sorry” but I always ignored Blonde Eddie and all them, thinking I knew best, and damn damn DAMN do I ever hate it when I’m wrong. Jake turned out to be only the most giant son of a bitch the county ever produced (even though there was some strong (very strong) competition for that title). We were only married a year and two months and four days (but who’s counting? tee hee).

After Jake slithered away I lived alone a few years. You know I didn’t mind it at all. Then Lenny started volunteering to mow my lawn after he got his big tractor, so I cooked him supper those nights and then seemed like one day we woke up together with wedding rings on. And every time we had an anniversary, I decided I liked him even more than the year before.

Yesterday I found this picture with Lenny in the background — with that pretty long brown hair he used to have. I was surprised in a big huge honkin way to find a picture of us together because I barely knew him when we were teenagers. But Lenny said he wasn’t that surprised because he used to be near me more than I used to notice.


Original image: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:TexasTeensLeakey1973StGil.jpg
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