Orchid lady has two groupies

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 1, 2003

when Melvin dragged me to see the lecture. I hate lectures and I am not that interested in orchids like Melvin is, which I wonder why he is, but I do not know.

We got there and Melvin said look — she is serving some champagne. He knows I like champagne.

Champagne was good. It always is. But the lady also served some sweet vanilla bread wrapped in hunks of aluminum foil. Homemade. After we ate it, she said, does it taste good? I said yes ma’am. She said it had orchids in the ingredients. Oh my!

These days Melvin and I go around to all the lectures she gives I pretend to be interested in orchids. I don’t hog very much champagne. I mostly just want to eat the bread she makes.


Original image: http://www.aaoe.fr/post/2009/07/16/Section-de-Vitry-:-reunion-du-27-Juin-2009
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