‘Needs some redecorating’

Handwritten page of a diary dated March 25, 1987

and this is exactly what it said: “Large loft-style apartment. French doors. Building is in a decent location. Price is low because it needs some redecorating.”

I had to work late, so I sent Ned over to look at it. He called me from there and told me it was great and there were other people there and he wanted to rent it so we wouldn’t lose it. It’s one of those moments you replay in your head later and wish you could go back and give a different answer — an answer involving the word NO.

He swung the door open and I couldn’t speak. He kept saying stuff like “I knew you’d have a hundred ideas for this” and “Can you imagine how cool this could be?”

Finally, when I regained the power of speech, I said: “Needs some redecorating? Seriously? I think when you have no floor or ceiling, REDECORATING is not a big enough word.”

He said he has friends who can put in a floor and a ceiling for cheap and all I have to do is pick out some colors. Yeah. OK Ned. I’ll run right out and get some swatches.


Original image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8519457@N04/3856433427/
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