Handwritten page of a diary dated December 11, 1982

took Jerry to the airport and ran into Alexandra after not seeing her for at least 25 years!

I was too choosy back when I went on a few dates with her.

Her mother grew up in Spain and her father grew up in Czechoslovakia so she had an accent that I used to find strange — but when I spoke with her today it sounded exotic and pretty.

I remember she had the most beautiful face, but she had one leg that was bigger than the other and the hair on top of her head used to put me in the mind of a crested butte.

She played the accordion which I considered corny at the time but I played the bongo drums and those aren’t cool any more either. She had a dress that matched her accordion but all I wore was dungarees. All the time. We didn’t match at all but I knew she liked me anyway.

OK, maybe I shouldn’t say I was too choosy. Maybe what I should say is that I was a dolt.


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