Movin’ on up to the east side …

Handwritten page of a diary dated February 11, 1963

wind was whipping the snow around but Maybelle was sure that the tenth or eleventh or twelfth stores on her list might be the ones to have a pillbox hat that would fit on her head. Where she is going to wear a pillbox hat I just do not know, but I said I’d go to the library and meet her at Bishop’s Buffeteria in an hour.

Someone had unlocked the local history room, which is unusual, so I finally got inside there. I wanted to see pictures of what our new neighborhood looked like in the early days. I surely hit the jackpot by finding a picture of our house being moved on rollers (but I never could dig up the information of where it used to be). I knew right away it was our house because of the round porch. The handwritten caption was intriguing:

“The Madisons decided they wanted a little better class of neighbors (ha ha ha) so Mr. Madison rigged up a way to move the entire house to a lot on the east side of town, across from the ritzy Murphy Park where ladies loll around with their umbrellas (to keep their skin creamy white) and all the rich dogs know better than to soil the perfect grass.”


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